Topstone Software Consulting


Topstone Software deploys deep experience in software architecture and development to provide software consulting services. Topstone Software specializes in consulting services for scalable web applications, computer security, compiler and language design. We design and implement advanced solutions in machine learning and quantitative finance.

Amazon Web Services Application Architecture and Development

Costly computer rooms and data centers are no longer needed for most organizations. These facilities can be replaced by applications that leverage cloud computing. This can dramatically reduce the cost of computing resources, while delivering high performance, high security applications.

At Topstone Software we specialize in architecture and development of applications in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Topstone Software has chosen the Amazon cloud because of the wide range of software services and resources that Amazon makes available for AWS applications. These resources mean that less software has to be developed, reducing the time to market.

Contact us to learn how Amazon's multi-billion dollar investment in cloud infrastructure can be leveraged by your organization.

Full Stack Web Development

Topstone Software delivers full stack web architecture and development consulting for applications built in the Java ecosystem. Leveraging the vast resources available to Java developers, Topstone has delivered major, scable web applications.

Topstone Software developed the nderground social network using the Grails framework. The nderground social network allows its users to share with their friends and family, without sharing with the broader Internet. Privacy, security and scalability were designed into nderground from the start.

From the Grails framework, Topstone Software has moved to the Spring Boot framework in order to deliver cutting edge distributed web applications.

If you are planning a new web applications or moving an existing application into the cloud, learn how Topstone Software can help you bring your applications to your users more rapidly.

Web Application Security

Any successful Web application will be a target for attack by hackers and web criminals. Methods of attack are constantly evolving.

Topstone Software designs web applications for security from the start. Topstone Software has years of experience working with computer security issues. Applications designed and built by Topstone Software are "hard targets", designed to resist a variety of Web based attacks.

Graph Database Design and Development

Topstone Software was involved in the design and development of one of the first large scale graph database systems. We can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of graph database systems and how your can leverage them to provide unique insight into your data.

The power of a graph database can only be realized when data from a variety of sources is combined in the graph. Topstone Software has experience building a variety of graph database data loaders. These include natural language analysis and entity extraction.

Compiler Design and Development

Topstone Software has designed and implemented a variety of compilers and computer language processors. These include compilers for C, Fortran 90 and Behavioral Verilog. In building these compilers, Topstone Software has leveraged a variety of tools, including the ANTLR parser generator, the LLVM compiler framework and the CLang compiler.

If you are planning to develope a compiler or language processor, please contact Topstone software to discuss how we apply our specialized experience to make your project a success.

Machine Learning

Topstone Software has applied machine learning techniques for a variety of classification and identification tasks. Topstone Software can bring Amazon cloud resources and our experience in machine learning and statistics to deliver results for your application.

Investment Portfolio Modeling and Construction

Topstone Software has modeled and deployed investement portfolios that use computational model selection to chose the portfolio assets. Before being deployed in the markets, these portfolios were tested against historical data to provide an estimate of historical portfolio risk and return. Topstone Software can apply cutting edge software to help you develop and deploy successful investment portfolios.