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Amazon Web Services Lambda Functions in Java

Amazon Web Services Java Lambda functions are an attractive resource for offloading memory or processor intensive operations to avoid web server load and unnecessary scaling.

This publication gives an example of a simple Lambda function and shows how this function can be called from Java code. Also discussed is production ready Topstone Software Lambda image scaling code, published on Github.

The Architecture of nderground: a social network built for privacy

The nderground social network is a large scale web application designed and implemented by Topstone Software. This publication discusses the architecture of nderground on Amazon Web Services.

The nderground social network showcases Topstone Software's experience building large scale, "full stack", web applications.

A Simple Spring Boot Model View Controller (MVC) Example

This paper outlines a very simple Spring Boot/Spring MVC application in the hope that it will help new Spring MVC developers on their path toward Spring based web applications.

Spring and DynamoDB

This demonstration application shows how a full stack web application can be developed with Spring and the Amazon Web Services DynamoDB database. The demonstration application allows the user to build and search a database of information about books.

eCommerace with Elasticsearch

This article discusses a demonstration application that shows how the open source Elasticsearch database, the Spring framework and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elasticsearch Service can be used to build a faceted search application. Faceted search is a core feature for online shopping and eCommerace applications.

Authentication with AWS Cognito

This article discusses a demonstration application that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cognito to support account creation, user login and user information management. The demonstration application is implementing with the Spring framework and includes all of the web control flow for fully featured authentication.

Java Template Engines

This article discusses three template engines that can be used for server side rendering for a Java application that leverages the Spring framework.

Data Lakes and the ORC File Format

This article discusses some of the challenges in building a data lake and how files written in the columnar compressed ORC file format can dramatically improve data query performance. The javaorc library, developed by Topstone Software, makes writing and reading ORC files simple.

Listing Amazon Web Services S3 Directories

Amazon Web Services S3 directories often contain large numbers of files. The Java class published on this page shows how paginated listing can be used to return the S3 keys for the files stored in a directory.